Thursday, January 16, 2014

Getting Back in Shape Again

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I just did an updated post on my Corset Waist Training Days 12 & 13, so go and check it out if you can. I also want to update you guys on my current weight, body measurements, what I'm eating, drinking, and some workouts I've been doing recently. This post is dedicated to those who needs a little inspiration or a little push on trying to meet their fitness goals for this year so I hope this post will motivate them. Let's work it out together!

I weigh myself this morning and I weigh 145 lbs. I don't mind telling the whole world about my weight because that's not something I feel really sensitive to talk about at this point. I like to weigh myself at least once a week just to keep myself in check on my progress. I also don't like to weigh myself with a lot of clothes on because it adds more weight so having some clothes on as little as possible, like your under garments, is fine. Weight might not matter to some people or they might have a strong opinion against it but to me, it matters a lot as well as with other things. I gained a lot of weight after three months and that's because I've been slacking on my fitness routine and I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues in my life so that really made a huge impact on my weight. It's not that hard to try and lose the unwanted weight again because I have done it before so I know what works.

Weight doesn't always tell me everything so to give myself another reality check, I like to measure the important parts of my body. A lot of people do this differently but this is how I like it done; I like to use a measuring tape. A few tips: Measure without clothes on. Always measure the widest part except for the WAIST because the waist is the narrowest part of the torso.

• Right Arm: 14 inches
• Left Arm: 14 inches
• Bust: 39 inches
• Waist: 33 inches
• Hip: 38 inches
• Right Thigh: 23 inches
• Left Thigh: 23 inches

I'm going to try my best to eat less man-made food and eat more of nature's food. I've been eating a lot of salads with homemade basic dressings, lots of soups, steamed or baked meats and vegetables. I love eating fish (only certain kinds: northern pikes, crappies, largemouth bass, & perches) so when the weather gets warm, hubby and I will have to take the kids out and start going fishing a lot again. I'm not trying to cut out on certain food completely since I know that it'll take some time but my main goal is to eat less of certain types of food just so that my body doesn't go crazy. It's more of like, training my body slowly to eat less of certain food until I no longer want to eat it anymore.

I decided to cut back on drinking coffee again. I decided to limit myself to only 2 cups of coffee at least once a week. Last year, I discovered a great herbal tea that also helps with weight loss, just like green tea: Oolong tea. I purchased mine at a local Tea Store and Oriental Store. I like it way better than green tea and I drink it almost every day. I drink it plainly as it is and I don't ever drink it at night. Normally, I don't drink any teas at night because I don't like waking up from my sleep just to go use the bathroom. If you're not really into tea, you don't have to buy it. It's just a personal choice. Another drink I've been drinking a lot lately is Water. Sometimes you can mistake your stomach growling for food when really, all you need is to drink more water. After drinking water that doesn't help fight the hunger, then go ahead and eat some food because that's your stomach telling you that you need food. I like to drink purified water only. The reason why I said that water helps with weight loss is because let's be honest, sometimes I don't feel like I'm in the mood to make myself some tea and drinking water is the fastest way to keep myself feeling full, and energized. When I fill my stomach with water, I tend to not overeat. Water shouldn't replace food because your body still needs nutrients to help you stay alive too. Sometimes that extra pounds could be water weight and if you drink enough water, you're body will automatically think that you have plenty enough of water so you know what happens? It releases those water that was stored in your body then you had just lost a few pounds. One of the reasons why you have those water weight is because you're not drinking enough of water and what your body ends up doing is hold back some of them in as a survival mechanism... of course there are lots of other reasons too but that is just based on my experience. Other than drinking coffee, tea, and water, I don't drink anything else since I rather eat than drink my calories.

More than a year ago, I bought myself a recumbent bike machine to work out in the comfort of my home. I'm glad that I got it because it is so quiet, easy to store, has all of the basic things you need, and it's safe to use late at night since I live on the 2nd floor in an apartment building. If you're interested, here's where I got mines: here. I noticed the price went up and I think that's because a lot of people buy it since it has great reviews. I love to use this when I'm watching an hour movie long. I can burn up to 600 calories after an hour depending how fast I pedal. This workout tones my legs and it helps me to lose weight a lot quicker with a help of my diet. I wouldn't recommend using this too much because it can "bulk" up your legs. I would change up my Cardio workouts if I were you. Since this machine only helps my legs, I wanted a workout that could help tone and lose the fat on my upper body as well. You can find a lot of them online but I found a specific one that I really like and enjoy. I'm not ready to share to the whole world what it is yet for a lot of reasons but maybe in the future when I'm ready, I will do so.

I hope this will help give you guys a push and some ideas on what you want to do on your fitness journey. I will let you guys know how everything went next month.

We can do this!

Thanks for reading!

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