Thursday, January 16, 2014

CORSET: Waist Training Day 12, 13

YESTERDAY - January 15, 2013 (Day 12):
I wore the corset for about 6 hours. Since it's been awhile, I didn't have any problems putting in on again but it feels a lot tighter. I guess this is what happens when I haven't been training my waist for awhile.

I noticed it helps prevent me from overeating. Having a full stomach while waist training is uncomfortable especially if you have to sit down or bend forward. I did cardio on my recumbent bike machine and burned 450 calories with the corset on. I had a cotton shirt and tank top underneath of it. Remember, always wear something underneath of your corset because you don't want to go through washing and drying it so much after each use since it can wear it out a lot sooner than you think. I'm still trying to find a safe method to wash it if for whatever reasons I have to clean it.

TODAY - January 16, 2013 (Day 13):
Started wearing the corset again around 9 am so it's been a little more than 2 hours now. I'm going to wear it for the rest of the day again and work out with it. I gained a lot of weight lately but measured my waist and I'm at 33 inches. I hope I can get it down to 28 inches soon.

-10 PM...
I tighten up the lace 2 hours ago and measured myself: 32.25 inches. Just 30 minutes ago, I took off the corset and noticed a dramatic waist change! I was on the recumbent bike machine today with the corset on and I think that really helped out a lot with the change. I took some pictures of the measurements so here they are:

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32.25 inches

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