Wednesday, October 2, 2013


My son needs a lot of work on identifying rhyming words when I'm reading a sentence off a poem. If I ask him if May and Hay rhymes, he would say "yes".
I will have to think of another way to teach him so that he can identify words from a poem without my help before I contact his teacher. Math seems to be very easy for him. He's learning his patterns this week and so far he's doing great. I wish his school would offer an art class online so that he doesn't feel like art is hard. He doesn't like coloring or drawing too much and he gets bored of doing the same thing for long periods of time. *Sigh* I will have to think of something too. I remember when I was in Kindergarten, my art teacher taught us to draw through step-by-step drawings that he drew on the chalk board.

I weigh 135 LBS now!! Yay!! Lost a few pounds and I hope I can lose some more. I've been slacking off on working out but I'm making up for it by changing and watching what I eat. Haven't given up on coffee yet but we'll see how tomorrow goes. I took some vitamins today which I haven't taken in a long time and I decided to cut back on greasy food. Tomorrow, I'm planning on making fish but my husband wants it pan fried so I will have to make mines grilled or steamed. We'll see.

I've been tagged by two amazing people on YouTube to do a 1 Minute Nail Polish Tag and Autumn is Awesome Tag so I'm planning on doing them soon.

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