Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Only Cure

Lately, I've been watching a lot of K-Dramas or South Korean Television Series. Even though they are SO long, I make time for it especially if it's a drama that is worth watching. Believe it or not, I find them to be very educational, relatable, and interesting.
It's educational because no matter what I am learning, I teaches me things that I never knew of before and it gives me wisdom. It's relatable because some of the characters' life are somewhat like mines or like someone that I know of. It's interesting because it's very entertaining, engaging, and I like how I get impatient having to wait to see the next episode. I'm not talking about the dramas that I don't really care for but the ones that I really do find it worthwhile to watch and would recommend it to a friend.

One of the best dramas that I have seen lately is called "I Can Hear Your Voice." This drama consist of 18 episodes. I love the mix genre of drama, mystery, and comedy. A lot of movies these days portray a similar concept but I particularly like this one is because of the message behind it and the story line. I find it quite sad that the criminal is the way he is because of the loss of his loved ones and he feels that the only way to get even is through revenge. I don't want to spoil the whole story for you all but one of the best scene I found that was touching and powerful is on Episode 7 when the mom said the last words of wisdom to her daughter before the mom was murdered, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth: If you live that way, everyone in this world will become blind. All those people that are rude to you, it's because they're jealous. Because you're so fortunate, they're jealous. So, don't hate them. Don't be mean to them and feel sorry for them. Just promise me that you won't hate someone to the point that it'll ruin your life. Once a person is born into this world, the life is not even long enough to love each other."

There's a quote that says, "Be nice to those that are mean to you because they are the ones that need it the most." I find this to be quite true. People who are hurt are usually the ones that hurt others. When you understand this and be kind to those that are cruel to you, they will have no reason to hate you. When we hear or see a criminal on the news, we naturally think that they are "bad" people but we never stop to think about how it was like to live in their shoes or how they became that way. I'm not saying that we should overlook the fact that what they did was wrong. (I'm beginning to understand why Jesus approached the sinners first.) What I'm trying to say is... hate is a very contagious disease. It will consume you and destroy you if you let it. You are no different from the person that hates you if you think hating them back will solve everything. Trust me... I know.

The mother said to her murderer, "You're just worthless and I feel sorry for you. You've been living all these years hating someone. How much of a hell must your life have been?" Sound kind of harsh but there's truth to it. It sounds like she understood the life he had to go through and pities him.

There was a time in my life where I felt I lived a few years in hell all because of what this person did or said that was hurtful to me. My mind was so focused and consumed on everything negative about this person that I wanted to get even with them. I wanted this person to feel the same pain that they caused me. I was fooled to think that I will feel so much better and powerful if they were equally as hurt as I was. Because of this ongoing cycle, I became very depressed and unhappy that it affected the way I was living. I hated life and my perspective changed. What was once a happy and cheerful girl turned out to be the opposite. "The fear of loss is a path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."- YODA, Star Wars. This hate was destroying me. I had to get rid of this contagious disease until one day, LOVE came to me. That's when I realize that I had to let go of the things I could not change and accept the things that I could. I had to change my way of thinking about myself, my life, and on others.

There's a quote that says, "Don't judge a person when you never live the life in their shoes" or "Don't be so quick to judge. You never know when you might just find yourself walking in that person's shoes." I find this quote to be very true. Many times I have judge others thinking that I will never do what they did but when face with a similar situation, I end doing the same thing. Life have it's funny ways of showing us and teaching us something. It makes you think, who is really worthy to judge? I think that if a person did something wrong to the point that it's affecting or bothering you, it's good to confront them about it (I like this advice from Matthew 18:15).

I can go on and on about this subject but for now, I'm going to end this post with a few words to think about. Forgiving someone, to me, does not mean to forgive someone only one time. Our human minds will always be reminded of the past until we properly resolved it. Every time you're reminded of the wrongs that this person did to you, you have to keep forgiving that person for it over and over again until there is nothing else left to forgive them for. It's the only way you can be free and be at peace with yourself and with this person. By doing so, you're also allowing this person to feel like they can forgive themselves too. Love is what makes a you overlook the wrongs that a person did to you. It makes you become fearless and gives you hope. Without Love, you become a beast and you live like a beast.

"Without forgiveness, wounds will never be healed and personal growth will never be achieved."

"Forgiveness does not mean to erase the past and forget about what has happened. It means to let go of the resentment and pain."

"Do you know the difference between Park Soo Ha and Min Joon Gook? Min Joon Gook had no one. No one who trusted him. No one who listened to him. No one who loved him and he had no one to protect. But, if he had that one person, he might have lived differently like Park Soo Ha. That's why I pity Min Joon Gook a little bit." - Prosecutor Cha, Episode 17
Jang Hye-Sung and Park Soo Ha walks by and stops to hear what Shin Sang-Duk and Hwang Dal-Joong are talking about across the distance.
•Shin Sang-Duk: Aren't you angry?
•Hwang Dal-Joong: I am. To the point where I want to kill him if I see him. I'm angry. But, I forgave him.
•Shin Sang-Duk: Forgave? How can you forgive that? How is that possible?
•Hwang Dal-Joong: I don't have much time left (meaning, he's dying). I don't want to spend the rest of my life hating someone. I wish that the feeling I feel before I die wouldn't be that horrible. That's why I'm forgiving him. It's not because I like Judge Seo Dae Suk (the one who wronged him).
Jang Hye-Sung is enlighten by a flashback of her mother's last words spoken to her through her cell-phone before she was murdered.
•Eo Choon-Sim (mom): You promise me. Don't spend your life hating someone. Once a person is born into this world, the life is not even long enough to love each other, okay?
Jang Hye-Sung in tears.

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