Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Random Thoughts: Updates, Fashion, YouTube, Goals

For four days straight, I've been working my butt off on my fall fashion outfits video but... I'm not proud of the way it turns out. I feel so discouraged and disappointed because I spend a lot of time on it trying to perfect it. It took two weeks of planning too!! Oh well... it is what it is. I guess I'm just not ready for these types of videos yet. I actually prefer doing OOTD (Outfits of the Day) videos more because the outfits are much more wearable, easy, and practical in my opinion. It may not always be fashionable but... at least I wore them out. Wearing fashionable outfits are nice but do people really wear these kinds of clothing in their everyday normal life? I wonder.
What I wear is based on how I feel, where I'm going, and if I have enough time. I like it when my outfits makes me feel confident, comfortable, happy, complete, and myself. Most of the time I stay home and hardly do I ever go out to fancy places so that I can dress up nicely. Imagine what kinds of outfits I typically wear. I'm open to trends but I don't follow every trends because not all of them are appealing to me. I stick to classics and basics majority of the time because they never run out of style. I don't even have to worry about how stylish I need to be and I don't have to worry about spending a lot.

*Sigh* I need to rest my head for tonight. I'm not planning on uploading any more videos for this week or next week unless I have something in mind that I REALLY want to film. I have so many ideas... but it requires a lot of time, effort, and a lot of money spent to make it look great. I'm thinking of doing something that requires less time and money but still have great content. We'll see. Plans can change... so I have to be prepared, stay open, and be flexible for that. I enjoy filming and seeing my work come to life. I kid you not, I love filming myself doing random things ever since I was young. You can go and ask my family about it if you need proof. I treat YouTube like it's my job even though I'm not getting paid for it yet... but at the same time, it is my hobby. I enjoying making videos and get creative.

There are three goals I want to accomplish before the year is over. If I reach them, I will talk about it. There's a saying that says, "Do it, then talk." I like that quote. I hate it when I don't do what I said I was going to do.

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