Monday, September 23, 2013

What Keeps You Motivated?

What keeps you motivated? Obstacles are there to test you if what you really want is worth fighting for. If you haven't reached your destination, you need to keep going. If you failed to reach your destination, it means that it was never that important to you to get there. When you first learn a skill, you aren't great at it because you've never done it before but if you
keep practicing, you will eventually get it. It's like this saying, "what you reap, you will sow later." Bad or good. Focus on one thing no matter what. Be patient because that day will come when you can finally lay down your labor. Enjoy the journey while you are still on it and take each step as a learning experience. Never forget why you started this journey in the first place. When you feel like giving up, look at how far you've come. Find what motivates you because they will be your weapon to fight off anything that gets in the way. Examples of what motivates me: 1) Listening to Music 2) Inspirational Quotes 3) Inspirational People 4) My Dream Board. Remain positive and count your own blessings so that you will be MUCH happier.

Today, I felt tempted to overeat but I had to keep myself in check by pep talking. I worked out at least 30 minutes and drank plenty of water. I recorded everything I ate because these past several days I've been spoiling myself and gained extra pounds. My husband's been fishing a lot lately so I will need to incorporate fish into my diet again. I love fish because they are high in protein and they are SO lean. I'm going to cut back on eating white rice again because ever since I went back eating them, my energy level went down. I do like how it makes me full but I hate feeling sluggish. Also, no more caramel frappes or coffee until I reach my ultimate weight goal. Tea will have to be my substitute for coffee until I get over the urges. Last time I said I was 129 LBS but today, I now I weigh 138 LBS. That means I gained 9 LBS!! (T_T) There's going to be some MAJOR changes around here starting with today.

I really REALLY want a Louis Vuitton Bandoulier 30 in Damier Ebene print. That handbag costs $1270 which, I really don't know if I want to spend that much money on it. I've been eyeing on that handbag for SUCH a long time ever since I heard rumors that Louis Vuitton was going to come out with one. I did a lot of research and looked at so many reviews to know enough about it. The speedys are already a classic handbag and I just know they will make it down history too!! I don't care what anyone says because in my opinion, I think it makes sense to invest in a classic handbag over a trendy handbag. With trendy handbags, you can only wear it for a season or a period of time but classic handbags you can wear it for life. On top of that, I also want a Small Ring Agenda in the Damier Ebene or Monogram Print which I think it costs less than $400. Decisions, decisions. *Sigh* That's a lot of money and I feel tempted to just buy replicas of them but I know myself; If I buy replicas, I'm not going to be satisfied with it knowing that it's not the real thing. I'm thinking... if I do buy a knock-off version, if it gets stolen I won't have to worry that I spent a lot of money on it. LOL!!! Also, another handbag I've been eyeing a lot: I LOVE the Chanel Classic double flaps in black with the gold chain. It's SUCH a classic bag but costs a little over 4 grand. I also want the Balenciaga Part-time Giant Gold Hardware in black. I'm going through this phase where I want to stick to quality but simple and classic. *SIGH* My eyes wanders off too much. LoL... these luxurious handbags will have to wait. I do not judge others if others buy replicas because I'm sure they have reasons for it. We all buy things for different reasons so when people portray that their way is the "correct" way and you're way is "wrong", the truth is it's just their "opinion" and their "personal preference". ♥

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