Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello Busy Life...

(3PM-10PM Central Time)
- Fill in my son's Physical Ed Sheet
- Turn in all of my son's assignments to his teacher
- Homeschool
- Clean living room, bathroom, and vanity area
- Corset Training
- Dinner
- Cardio at least 30 minutes
- Kid's Bedtime at 9PM
- My Bedtime at 10PM

► For the first time in a long time, I actually like my busy life. I like it because I'm accomplishing a lot of things and it makes me feel happy when I make someone else happy. There's always a time for everything and even if I don't get something done, I can always get it done the next day.
► I'm kind of disappointed at myself for overspending a lot this month but I'll do better next month. I need to work on finding more ways to save money, not buy things that I don't really need, and be a little more patient instead of trying to get something that I want at the moment. I need to train my eyes to avoid look around so much and not put myself in vulnerable situations.
► I said I was going to cut off drinking coffee completely but I couldn't. I've been having trouble sleeping again and I always feel tired during the day if I don't consume some sort of caffeine. I only drink coffee during the day between noon until 4pm so that I don't feel so awake at night. I don't like to consume too much caffeine because it can give me panic attacks. I haven't really told anyone but now I'm going to say it; I've been struggling with insomnia for the past 2 years now. Towards the end of my high school, I've had some mild symptoms of insomnia that comes and goes. After I got married, it went away but it slowly came back after I had my second child. I'm trying to find ways to deal with insomnia so that I don't have to rely on caffeine and sleeping medicines. It's gotten a little bit better so tonight, I'm going to work on trying to get some sleep earlier than usual. If only my mind can stop thinking too much while I'm trying to fall asleep!!

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