Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CORSET: Waist Training Day 1

CS-411 Leather Orchard Corset

I ordered from Orchard Corset and I got free shipping along with using the 15% off discount code. This underbust corset was also on sale so I actually saved a lot of money on it. Shipping took 5 business days for me not including weekends. I ordered on Thursday night and received the packaged early today. The corset was wrapped with two tissue papers and came with a business card with a discount code as well as instructions, pamphlet, and a receipt. Nothing was damaged.

The quality of this corset is amazing! It claims that it's made out of Lambskin but... I can't tell. I've never seen a real lambskin before so I can't really compare. It feels like pleather to me but I hope it's not. It doesn't have a weird smell and I noticed one small piece of thread peeked out on the edges. I also noticed a white mark on the corset and was worried that it was a scratch or a pen. I wiped it off with water and it disappeared which I felt relieved after that. The inner fabric is made of 100 % cotton, which I really like!! The corset looks WAY better in person.

I ALWAYS make sure that I did a lot of research first before I buy the item. SO GLAD that I did that because if I didn't, I wouldn't know how to wear this corset properly. I recommend this lady on YouTube bishonenrancher. She has a lot of knowledge and experience on corsetry. Orchard corset also has a tutorial that shows how to wear a corset too. I did my measurements before I ordered this corset. I went with the CS-411 in Leather because I didn't feel like the Satin one was going to last. I know it's a Level Three instead of a Level One for beginners but I figured why not just go with Level three since I'll be using it for a long time. My actual waist measures to a size 34 in inches. They recommend getting a corset that is 4-6 inches smaller than your actual waist size. I went with a size 28. At first I thought of getting the Overbust Corset but decided not to because I don't want to worry about it not fitting my bust correctly. Maybe someday. The corset I got is for waist training and they are double steel boned instead of the typical plastics that can cause warping. I heard that custom made corsets are better in the long run if someone is serious or committed to waist training because it will last for years even after so many wears from it but the downside is that it's pretty expensive. I went with orchard corset because it's much more affordable and I heard that it's good for those who are just starting out that wants to experience the feel of wearing corsets.

There are a lot of corsets out there and they all serve different purposes. One of my reasons for getting into corsetry is because of back pain and posture. I've been having a lot of back problems lately and I heard that you can wear a corset to help with that. If you have been reading, you know that I've been trying to lose weight and I also heard that corsets can help with weight loss. I actually don't have an hour glass figure so wearing corset can help me achieve that look as well. I've always wanted to wear a real corset ever since I was little and I think mainly it's because of my childhood years watching Disney princesses and old historical western movies. I've always loved the historical dresses back then (aka Victorian Dresses). Hopefully one day I will get a chance to wear those kinds of dresses or I might just make one myself. I thought of making my own corset but, it's just too time consuming and I figured... why not just buy one to see how it is. There are a lot of reasons but so far, these are my top main reasons.

Before, I was using a long fabric cloth and a sports waist belt to slim down my tummy.
I actually used this a lot during my post-partum for a month but recently I went back to using this to help with weight loss. This works but not the way I like it to.
First day, they recommend wearing it at least 2 hours because you have to break it in. After the first hour, I should tighten it a little bit more for the remaining hour. When I first put it on, I had no idea which side was the top or bottom and I had to YouTube it because I didn't want to ruin my corset. After figuring that out, I put it on. I have a smaller torso and when I put this corset on, it was the perfect length for me. The lacing was the hardest part. I thought to myself and asked, "How did these girls on YouTube did it? They made it look so easy." After playing with it for awhile, I figured it out. I had to use two mirrors to help me see the back side since the lacing is on the back. It's very important to keep everything nice and parallel or else the corset can get ruined. Never wear a corset against your skin. Always wear something underneath. I'm wearing a Tank Top Body Shaper to prevent the appearance of love handles showing.

1st Hour Front Side: 4 clasps

1st Hour Left Side

1st Hour Back Side: Modesty Panel and Long Strings Tucked in.
Making sure everything looks parallel.
This step was challenging and time consuming

2nd Hour: Tried to tighten it as much as I could. I could only get it to be this close for now BUT...
this was hurting my left butt side and had to loosen the lace down.
2nd Hour: Front Side

2nd Hour Left Side

2nd Hour Back Side
Tried to make it as parallel as I could.

Sitting down was a little challenging. I had to use my whole upper body if I wanted to bend down. My butt on the left side felt a little numb but once I sat down, it helped relieved the pain. I couldn't slouch at all. I could still breath but I could feel my ribs squeezed in. It feels great to have a flat stomach and a curvy waist. I don't like how my back cheeks are showing so I might have to get a much tighter body shaper to fix that. I noticed I didn't feel like eating as much as I usually did. I lost two inches off my waist. After two hours, I took off the corset and my stomach felt lighter like a piece of burden was taken off of me. My stomach looks much flatter than before and I could see a slight curvy waist. (Of course that is just temporary). Overall, I am very happy with the first day because I see a difference right away.

At the end of 2nd Hour: Lost 2 inches off my waist.
Now 32 inches.

After taking off the corset: Waist is still at 32 inches.

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