Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Designing and Making Things Happen

I didn't feel like spending a lot of money so I went thrift shopping last week because I wanted to make my very own DIY high waisted shorts. I was never really a big fan of high waisted shorts to begin with because I like the look of a longer torso with shorter legs. If it wasn't for my legs, I wouldn't be 5'2. What converted me to like this trend is because I see so many girls wearing them in a stylish way that I think maybe I can pull it off too.
I think high waisted shorts looks good if you know how to style it but I don't think it really matters what body type you have because you can always change what you wear on top to balance everything out completely. I personally like to style it with a baggy top, tube top with a chunky cardigan, or a basic tank top with a statement necklace keeping everything very simple and modest. Summer isn't over yet until September 21 and I have seen high waisted shorts worn for fall of last year too. I bought a total of 5 mommy jeans and cut it at a length that is comfortable for me to wear. Each of them are different in shade and texture so I designed them in a way that suits me. Here are my completed works:

I hemmed these myself



Did a lot of cutting and tweezing on this one.
I put it in the washer and dryer to help give it a more "distressed" look.


This high waisted short is the shortest one out of the others.
Since I thought it was so short, I decided to sew on some fabric lace on the sides.

"My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal, the more people can wonder." -Emma Watson

It's very important to me that the shorts are not too short to the point where it looks like I'm wearing booty shorts or boy shorts but a little modest and wearable. This length may not look flattering to some but honestly, comfort and confidence wearing them is crucial to me.

I've been busy designing floral crowns and so far I have completed a few. I bought my materials last month and I've been putting this project off for so long. I thought of making a tutorial for YouTube on how I made them but there are SO many tutorials out there on the internet already. I think mine is a little different is because I don't use a hot glue to make my floral crown since it can get pretty messy but if I was making a flower headband, then I will need to use a hot glue for that. We'll see. Floral crowns are sold at an expensive price which is why it is better to make yourself one for less. They aren't just meant to be worn for spring and summer. You can wear them for fall and winter too depending on the type of flowers. What I do is find elements of flowers that reminds me of fall or winter. I have seen images on Google of them and I think they look really pretty. Here is one of the floral crowns that I have completed so far:


I was going to go buy myself a sea salt hair spray to use right after swimming or just whenever I feel like using it but I decided to make my own. It is so easy to make and right now, I am putting together a tutorial for my YouTube channel. I know there are a lot of DIY sea salt hair spray on YouTube already but I don't think it hurts to include my own version of it too. I like knowing that there are a lot of ways on how to make something because everyone learns differently and we all have our own personal preference so before summer is over, I just thought I should share about it. Here is a sneak peak of my DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray:

I have an OOTD video coming up which will be featuring my daughter. That video will be up very soon so keep an eye out for that.

FINALLY... I am at the end of this post!! Took me awhile to put everything here together. If you don't know, even writing a post takes lots of effort if you want it to look this good. *SIGH*

Thanks for taking the time to read!!

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