Saturday, August 10, 2013

Baby Shower Prize Basket

I won a prize basket for guessing the most items playing 10 mystery bags
(don't know what the actual name of the game was called).
My prize consists of these things: 14 Post it flags, 8 Post it Papers,
2 unopen packages of Scotch Tape, 2 Scotch Tapes, and 1 Post It Flag Dispenser.

Today was my sister's baby shower. She's having a boy and will be expecting to have him this month on the 30th. I arrived a few hours earlier to help with food preparations but I forgot to bring my camera to take pictures of the wonderful food that we all made!! It's ok because I will forever hold these memories in my mind!!

The prize that I won is exactly what I needed since I'll start homeschooling my son in the beginning of next month and plus, I tend to use these items a lot to take notes or write on my journal etc. Almost everyone who attended the baby shower won a prize from the games that we played but all of us had different prizes. We didn't get small prizes but HUGE bundle of prizes in a prize basket!! I thought it was really thoughtful of my sister and her sister-in-laws to come up with this. When the baby shower was over, there was still a lot of food left but we helped pack some of them to bring it home to our families. I had a great time with the ladies and did a lot of catching up with my sisters.

I am so happy and excited that my sister is having her second child!! I cannot wait to see my little nephew!! I still can't believe all of my brothers and sisters are grown up already...which makes me feel like I'm getting old too. LOL...

Thanks for reading my post!!


Rachel said...

what a great prize!
you can never have too many post-its!! :)

BeautybeyondRubies said...

Agreed!! Thanks for visiting and taking your time to comment on my post!! ♥

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