Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weight Update, Inspirations, Randomness...

I weighed myself this morning... and I weigh 129 LBS!!! I could not believe it. I asked myself what I've been doing to make me lose this much weight. I weigh myself again... I was at 132 LBS. Then I weigh myself the third time, I was at 130... then at 132, then at 130 LBS. I think my scale is broken or something. Well, my scale is a very cheap version I bought at Walmart for no more than $8. I really hate that scale. It's like no matter how much I try to adjust the scale to zero for the starting point... it doesn't give me my accurate weight. Anyways... I just weigh myself and I now weigh 129 LBS. So I am officially 129 LBS now. So proud of myself!! I did notice a slight change on my legs and shoulder. My collar bones are starting to peak through. Everything else... still looks the same. At least I look WAY better when I was 160 lbs. I lost a total of 31 LBS now. That's a lot!!

I recently bought two different tea flavors; Ruby Chai Tea and Chamomile from Trader Joes. Both are organic. I really LOVE the Chamomile flavor. I love how it has a hint of sweetness and the aroma is just perfect for my liking. I like it WAY better than Green Tea itself. I have yet to try other different Tea Flavors.

I've been following this particular beauty guru for such a long time. I've watched almost every video that she makes. Even though she is a year younger than me or different from me in many aspects... I don't really care. She inspires me in so many ways. Inspiration doesn't come with age. There are no limits. There are only limits if you make it to be that way. Anything that can help me to become my better self as long as it does not conflict with my morals, I am all for it.

My son's birthday is on Monday July 15th... so my husband and I are thinking of celebrating his birthday tomorrow or on Monday. We're just going to throw him a small birthday again... just for our nuclear family. So far, my son has not asked or want a birthday party with extended families yet. I did thought of celebrating my son and daughter's birthdays together with extended families for this year but we haven't done much planning or saved up for it. I really want to give them the best one with a lot of effort and planning to it instead of a last minute one. Truthfully, us not throwing a really huge birthday for our kids does not mean we do not love them. Almost every year, we celebrated their birthdays. Plus, I really hate planning or hosting BIG parties anyways. We're on a really tight budget right now so we need to few more months to catch up. We've decided to just stick with what we said; if in the future they want a really big one (with extended families or friends), we will throw them one. When that time comes, I'll make sure to plan it out a lot more earlier.

I'm going to be so busy towards the end of this month and the beginning of next month. I have two baby showers I'm helping out and will be attending soon. Hopefully I can insert some pictures here on my blog. As for today, I'm going to finish up on some decorations, eat some dinner pretty soon, and drink tea.

I hope you guys all have a beautiful day!!

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