Monday, July 29, 2013

Meet Iris

"Iris has always been the kind of woman with big hopes and dreams. She dares to dream big no matter how unrealistic it may seem. She believes anything is possible even in the impossible. She's not afraid of taking risks. She's not afraid to fall. She has fallen so many times in her lifetime that the only way she knows how to do is to get back up. No matter what anyone say, thinks, or reacts around of her, it does not define her because she knows who she really is.
She learned to not listen to the voice of those that tries to bring her down. She surrounds herself and her thoughts with positive words and positive people. She has no time for drama. Jealousy and hate is not in her book. She is kind, forgives, and prays for those that hates her and dislikes her because she believes that love is the only cure. She admits and apologizes when she knows she's wrong. She gives and does not expect anything in return. She doesn't feel the need to announce her good deeds publically all the time because the best ones are usually the ones kept unknown. She is blessed with many gifts and talents. She uses her gifts, talents, knowledge, and wisdom to help others. She treats others as how she herself would like to be treated. She is not rich but that does not mean that she has nothing. Every single day, she is grateful and gives thanks to God for the blessings He pours down on her. She believes comparison is the biggest thief joy. She makes mistakes but mistakes does not stop her from making better choices in life. She believes a little makeup does not permanently changes her original appearance but only to enhance it. She accepts who she is even without the makeup. She loves and values herself. She stays true to herself and what she believes in even if she has to stand alone from the crowd. She invests in beauty from both the inside and out but most importantly, on the inside because she knows that one day when she reaches the end of her life, only her character remains. She sees beauty in people, places, and things in many ways. She does not think she knows everything. She thinks she still has a lot to learn.When she truly wants something, she works hard for it. She does not complain or blame anyone for her failures. She does everything she can to make things happen as long as it does not conflict with her morals. "

I just wanted to add to this post that this is just a character I am planning on writing a story about.

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