Friday, July 5, 2013

Haul: Victoria's Secret, Sephora, Forever21, Ragstock, Dollar Store

Today, I went shopping. I had to do some grocery shopping, acquired a few decorations for
my sister-in-law's baby shower, and then I had to find a dress to wear for that day. I couldn't find any dress that I liked in my closet so that's why I decided to go ahead and shop for new ones.
There was a sale going on at Victoria's Secret. They had bras on sale for $20, 7 panties for less than $27.00, 75% off on some beauty products, and some swimwear items. I couldn't find any bras that I liked so I passed on that one. I decided to stock up on some panties instead. I didn't need any more bright colorful panties from Victoria's Secret (as I have so many of them) so I went with neutrals. They are all 95% cotton... which I really like. I will only wear cotton panties. I've had bad experience with panties that were not cotton.

Got the 7 panties deal. They were originally $9.50 each.  

Favorite scent to use at night.
Lavender & Vanilla 
 I went to the 75% off table filled with beauty products (body sprays, cosmetics, body lotion, body creams, perfume). I was going to get the to-go makeup sets but I don't think in the long run I will use it that often. I found a body lotion that has a lavender and vanilla scent. I tried on the tester but it doesn't smell anything like lavender or vanilla. I passed on that one. Then, I found a body spray version. I tried on the tester too and I really liked that scent. I wanted to get it because I read somewhere that lavender helps you relax and sleep better. I tend to stress my body out sometimes so I've been loving lavender scents lately. I picked it up. It was originally $12 but I got it for $3. I like to use this body spray at night right after I shower and just before I go to sleep.

Decided to head to Sephora and get myself a travel sized eye-lash curler. I am so glad Sephora had it in white this time. Last time, I bought a black one from them and I did not like how I could not see my lashes. I had to paint it white so that I could see it. Anyways... I'm glad I bought this one because I have had enough of traveling my full size eyelash curler inside of my makeup bag. It takes up too much space and sometimes I have trouble zipping up my makeup bag. With this travel sized, I don't have to worry about that anymore!! ♥

During checkout, I had some points I could use to get samples. Well, I decided to get this one. It's an anti-age cream by AMOREPACIFIC. I decided, why not just give it a try. The lady that helped me said that this item is really expensive. This is my first time knowing about this product. We will see how this goes...

I've been wanting to try Makeup Forever's foundation and concealers for such a long time. I decided to ask for samples. The lady that helped me said that the Mat Velvet is a water proof and heavy foundation compared to the HD Invisible Cover one. The concealer full cover is a waterproof one too and I was told by her that I only need to use very little of product. So far, I really like the HD Invisible one. We'll see how all three of them turns out.

I planned on getting only one dress but... I end up with three. They were all gorgeous, I could not pass them up. I didn't want to regret it. They were really inexpensive. I just love how cute they look on me. One is a maxi dress (Ragstock) and the two other ones are above my knee (Forever21). I cannot wait to wear them out. I'll see if I can post pictures of me wearing them very soon.

I bought a few things at the dollar store. I decided to just share with you all just a pink mini tote bag I bought. I love collecting varieties of handbags that I think looks cute or ones that I know that I will likely use the most. Obviously, this tote is very simple. I know... it's nothing interesting but I like it. ♥ 


Well, I decided to end this post with some tea time. It's one of my current favorites right now. I'm trying to cut back on drinking coffee. I love drinking coffee loads with lots of sugar and cream. I don't think I will drink plain black coffee ever again. I tried to like it by drinking it plainly several times. At the end, I can't seem to like it without any sugar and cream. Sugar and cream is not good for my body especially when I am trying to lose weight. Well, tea is pretty close to coffee... in my opinion. It's not that bitter like coffee and I can tolerate it better. I don't drink tea with any type of sweeteners (like honey or sugar) at all. I drink it just the way it is. I'm afraid that if I drink it with sugar, than I will end up relying on it. I don't like how it tastes with sugar anyways. I've seen some people add dairy products on tea. Me, not my cup of tea.
 I like to switch up different tea tastes. So far, I have tried the classic plain green tea, mint green tea, raspberry green tea and this passionflower tea. I have yet to try so many different types of tea.

I really like to drink this one at night. It has a hint of sweetness. AND.. it's organic, caffeine free!!

It claims that the taste is: Minty, mildly bitter and sweet, with notes of citrus and spice.
Personality: Peaceful, Soft, and Sleepy.
I do not feel sleepy after drinking this. I can drink this during the day. Just so you all know.

Thanks for reading my post!!

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