Monday, July 22, 2013

Garden Party Dress, FOTD, Table Decorated for the Baby Shower Garden Tea Party

Garden Party Dress: Forever21
Black Flats: Walmart 
I kept my Jewelries simple. I wanted my dress to be the main focus of this entire look.
I kept my hair down, curled my hair, made it soft and wavy.

Face Of The Day
I had on one shade of eye shadow in the color taupe all over my lid, highlighter under my eyes, waterproof gel liner, and mascara. My face consists of an SPF 30 BB cream with SPF 30 pressed powder (since I will be outside all day), rosy pink cheeks, light bronzer, some highlighting, and pink lips. I'm not going to mention the names of products because I don't think it's necessary for this type of look. This look is obviously very simple, soft, and wearable. Anyone can achieve this look.

My table that I decorated.
Everything bought and set up by me
EXCEPT the plates and the napkins wrapped with eating utensils.
Ideas inspired from Pinterest.
(I had to blocked the images from the background for privacy reasons)

Materials for Decoration and Table: 
Flowers- Dollar Store
Mint Ribbon- Dollar Store
Lace Place Mats- Dollar Store
Gold Vase Plate- Dollar Store (sprayed paint with Gold color)
Lace Ribbon- Michaels'
Pearls- Michaels'
Coral Overlay- Joann Fabrics (70% off original price)
Teacups, Teapots, Napkin holder, Glass Vase- Thrift Store
Ivory Tablecloth and Satin Universal Chair Covers-
Round Table- 48 inches

A D D I T I O N A L - T H O U G H T S:
The Baby Shower turned out to be a lot better than I expected. (In case you readers are wondering, the baby shower was for my sister-in-law. She's having a girl.) The theme consists of multiple things. The theme colors were: Mint, Coral, and Ivory. Style: Victorian. Decorations and Displays: Lace, Pearls, Birds, Bird Cages, Floral, Dolls, Tea Pots, Tea Cups, Mason Jars, etc.. Type of Food: Asian Food. Desserts: Cupcakes. I hope I didn't left anything out. This baby shower was planned out almost 2 months earlier to give us ladies enough time to gather all of our materials together. (Also, at the beginning of my sister-in-law's pregnancy, she told me that she wants to have her baby shower be outside. Once she knows her baby's gender, we could start the planning process. So basically, I was already aware that some time before or during summer, the meeting /planning was going to take place.) There were six tables total so some of us volunteered to decorate our own table. It's unique how we all have our own individual style. Yet, all of our decorations stayed unified. When everything was completely set up, I thought the setting was beautiful!! It's not like everyday we get to be in a setting like this. Thankfully, I took enough pictures to capture all of our hard work. I could've taken more thorough pictures of the decorations and the food but there wasn't enough time. Overall, I'm really satisfied with my table. It met all of my expectations. I have never done anything like this before. It's takes a lot of planning and effort to look that great. The stuff I bought, it's mines to keep. I have some ideas I know I could make use of them for. Also, I'm planning on saving up so that I can get a 48" round table (or bigger) for my little family. We've been using our dining table, that we got for free, for 4 years now. I'm ready for change. To end this post, don't be disappointed that I'm only posting pictures of myself and the work I have done. I will never post anyone's work or publish their face publically on my blog without their consent. I respect the ownership and privacy of others.

Thanks for Viewing!!

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