Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Things I Trully Miss...

Dear My Precious Things;
It's been almost a year.
You are the ones I trully miss...
I wish I have never left you.
Now I regret just how much I've took you for granted.
Who cares what people think.
They don't know or understand the relationship I have with you.
I guess I've never really cherished you.
My actions shows just that.
Money doesn't grow on tree.
Oh how much money I've spent.
All that hard work went down the drain.
I learned my lesson.
I'll never do this again.
Hope you can forgive me.
Please give me another chance?
Time will tell.
If fate allows.
I pray and hope...
I'll meet other ones like you...
Someday... very soon.

(The top two pictures on the bottom are originally from my older blog. Anyone who claims to be aRtzeegurl7 other than what I stated is not me. I say this because recently, someone else has a blogger by the name aRtzeegurl7. I deleted my youtube, blogspot, LUUUX, and Twitter account of the username aRtzeegurl7 since last year. My images can still be seen on purseforums, LUUUX and google. Weird but it's still there.)

My Louis Vuitton Purchase

Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Damier Ebene

My MAC TOOLBELT with my MAC Makeup Brushes

Some of my MAC Makeup Brushes


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