Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolutions

SPENDING: I've decided that this year, I am not going to spend as much as I did like last year. If I really REALLY want something, I will have to wait for it. If I still really need it then I will get it. Other than that... I am not going to stress much about it. Less is more.

CONTENT: 2012 has brought me so much stress due to other personal problems so I've decided to just live a content life. I think too much about myself instead of others and that is something I need to work on. But I also think I need to take care of myself more because mommy's like me needs a break too. I need to incorporate more prayers and daily Bible reading just to help me grow closer to God spiritually and mentally. Also, I will think of 3 things I am thankful for... everyday.

MAKEUP: I know I threw away all of my makeup last summer. They were all going to expire anyways so I decided to pick up some new ones before 2012 was over. This year, I've decided to not hoard myself with any more makeup. What's the point in collecting if I am not going to use ALL of them?? It's a waste of money after they expire and to know that I hardly ever use it. This year, I will use up all of my makeup before I end up buying new ones. I don't rely on makeup or wear them on a daily basis anyways. I usually stay home with my kids and I have no where else to wear it to. Most of the time I wear makeup when I film, take pictures, or whenever I am bored. Sometimes I wear it when I go shopping just so that I know I am using all of my makeup. I also do know that makeup contains a lot of ingredients and chemicals that aren't good for the skin too. I want to start changing my makeup to natural organic makeup that I know will be good for my skin. Still, I have some of my favorite makeup brands that I know I cannot let go of. I'm keeping those. I will not own any more makeup that exceeds more than what my makeup bag can hold.

LIVE: I cannot change the past so the past IS the PAST. I will learn to let go. The future has not happen yet so I'm not going to worry. The present is now so I will do whatever I can to make the best and right choices... and to just LIVE at that moment. Also, I'm going to work on being positive.

Last year... I completed three of my 2012 resolutions:
1) Learning to cook a few meals and snacks I have never tried
2) Lost a few pounds
3) Ate Healthier

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