Thursday, December 20, 2012

OOTD: Casual and Cozy

*Picture is Mine

This was my outfit for today. Pretty Plain but I like it. (I'm going for that chunky look and oversized look.) At the end, I ended up taking off my faux fur collar scarf because my hubby says that it was a bit overdone. I appreciate his honest opinion. So I took it off. I went out to eat with my husband and my two children to celebrate my Hubby's day back to work. He starts work tomorrow. I am so excited for him!! Me, I'm going to stay home with my two kids. I have a lot to get done tomorrow so tonight, I'm just blogging and uploading videos on Youtube since I have the opportunity. My children are asleep right now which gives me much more time to do whatever I have to do to get done. Tomorrow I have to get up early and start my morning routine and all that. Anyways... enough ramble.

What I have on:
►Beanie Pom Pom Knit Hat: Forever21
►Grey Sweater: Thrifted
►Cream Knit Cardigan: Thrifted
►Faux Fur Collar Scarf: H&M
►Black Leggings Forever21
►Studded Combat Black Boots: Burlington Coat
►Michael Kors Charlton Cross Body Bag: TJMaxx

My makeup is just basically neutrals and simple for an everyday wearable look.
Thanks for Reading!!

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