Friday, December 7, 2012

My DIY Brush Cleaner for Spot Cleaning

*Picture is mine. Do not Use. Thanks.

*NOTE: This is just a quick guide to use but you are free to add or take away any ingredients however you like. Do what works for you.

This DIY Brush Cleaner was inspired by a few members on youtube. I just incorporated everything I know and made it my own. I bought an empty travel sized Spray Bottle at Target no more than $2 and put the combined solutions in there. It is very easy to make.

No need to measure. All you have to do is eye ball it by following these simple steps in the above image. Hope this helps you guys out!! I'm thinking of doing a Youtube Video on it soon just to help people see it more visually and in greater detail.

By spot cleaning your brushes for every use you avoid bacteria and tough cleaning.

The best part is, YOU SAVE SO MUCH MONEY!! I know people can find the majority of these products lying around in their house.

Thanks for reading!!

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