Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Haul: Coastal Scents Classic Makeup Brushes and Brush Guards


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Hey Everyone!!

How are you guys doing? Me, I'm doing great. I just wanted to share with you all my Coastal Scents haul. This is my first purchase from Coastal Scents. This is not a review but if you follow me, you will see a future post on what I think about them. I want to test them out for at least a month to give my full in depth review on it first. For now, I can only talk about my first impressions on them and what I think about their Customer Service.

All the eye brushes range from $1.49 to no more than $5.00 and the face brushes ranges from $5 to no more than $15.00.

Impressions: I brushed all of these brushes against my hands and they feel so soft!! I love the classic look of the Silver Ferrell and the Black Handles. Reminds me of Mac and Sigma Brushes. I also noticed a few shedding on some of them. Some have stopped shedding! Hope all of them stay that way. The shedding is not that bad. I've had Mac and Sigma brushes and they shed just about the same too so I'm not too worried. Sigma was worst in my experience. I'll give it a month and see if some of the brushes still sheds. Another thing I want to point out: I would love it even more if Coastal Scents made their brush handles a bit more consistent that way it will look beautiful when displayed on a brush holder. I noticed some people pointed that out too and I agree with them 100%.
Why Coastal Scents?: I decided to buy CS brushes is because I wanted to find a better alternative. I didn't want to spend so much money for brushes when I can find affordable ones that will give the same results. I also bought the 12 piece brush set to take for traveling. Usually brushes that comes in sets, in my opinion, are poor quality but with this set, the quality is the same as the individual brushes I bought. I would give this set a try if you have never bought the Classic brushes from CS. Also, I bought the brush guards to keep all of my brushes in shape and for drying.

Customer Service: As a first time customer, I thought they should've done a lot better in communicating. I bought them during a three day Cyber Monday Sale event. So I got everything for 50% off. I waited almost two weeks for my purchases. CS took out my payment so of course I had know what was taking so long so I did a few things: I went to their site. I read about their shipping time. They stated "We ship 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) for domestic and international packages. Most orders are processed and shipped within 48 to 72 business hours after payment is received. However, during holidays, post office holidays, company close downs, and weekend sales, there will be a delay in shipping time." After I read that, I still went ahead and sent them a ticket or a message asking them if they know how long it was going to take for MY ORDER to be shipped just in case. I googled other people's review on customer service and I also went to their facebook fan page. All in all, Coastal scents did get back to me like two days later. The next day after that, my orders were shipped. It arrived two days later (which was like two weeks from the date of purchase.) I recieved four small eyeshadows samples for free. I don't know if it was given to me as they're way of apologizing or if it came with it for purchasing from Coastal Scents. My orders were $50 and more and I did not get free shipping. I selected the USPS Priority Mail and I still had to pay for shipping. Maybe it depends on the weight? I don't know but it was definitely not free shipping for me. For everything I got, I only paid half of the full price anyways so overall I am pretty happy and thankful!! Just wanted to give you guys my honest review on customer service.

Lesson Learned: Keep in mind that if you order something during a huge sale event like this one, expect shipment delay. Also, I think there's a catch for free shipping on $50 or more for USA residents. They state, "To make shipping more affordable for our customers, we offer special, reduced rates on all FedEx shipments. Orders shipped within USA of $50.00 or more are eligible for free shipping upon checkout, of which Coastal Scents will determine the method. Also there is no handling fee."

FYI: Coastal Scents is having another sale which is 36% off Brushes and Palettes excluding Combo Sets and Collection. VISIT COASTAL SCENTS HERE.

Sorry for the long post. Not sure if you guys will read the entire thing since I'm rambling a lot on it. If you did read everything, thank you so much for reading this far!! It means a lot.
Thank you all so much for reading!! Hope you guys found it helpful. If not, don't hesitate to ask me questions.

Keep your eyes on a look out for my review on these brushes!!

Disclaimer: All items were purchased from my husband's hard working money. None were sent to me for free or am I paid to do a review. I simply do reviews like these for free unless I state otherwise.

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