Friday, December 7, 2012

Haul: Brush Guard at Walmart

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I went to Walmart and saw these brush guards. I thought of investing in Sigma Dry 'n Shape ($32.00) but then I figure I should try these brush guards first. Sometimes I hate ordering online especially when I want something right away. When I saw these Brush Guards at Walmart, I was so relieved. I haven't tried looking for them at my local Walmart yet. I drove a few miles away to a different Walmart to get them. Well, I bought enough of them so that my makeup brushes can each have their own. The Walmart I went to only had the Variety Pack. I know there's other Packs too but I only found these ones. Also, I'm waiting for another package of brush guards in the mail from Coastal Scents. I bought the other Packs along with the Variety Pack for 50% off during Cyber Monday Sales. Cannot wait to get them in my hands.

I use them for shaping and drying.

Cost: $4.95 each.

I know there's a lot of reviews on them already but I'm thinking of sharing my take on this. Review coming up soon. Follow me to stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

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