Monday, December 17, 2012

Desserts: Cream Cheese Muffins & Blue Berry Muffins

*Pictures are both mines. Do not take or use. Thanks.

Hey Everyone!!

This afternoon, I was craving for some sweets. I didn't want fruits, candies, or cookies. I wanted to munch on something that was more like cakes or sweet bread with no frosting. I head over to my grocery store and bought a few things. I wanted something that I know my children, my husband, and I would like. There were so much to choose from but I only choose the cream cheese and blueberry muffins. I also bought a pumpkin pie with whip cream but we haven't had that today.

It was our first time eating the cream cheese muffin. It has a cheese right in the center. It was delicious and my little family loved it!! I think my kids loved the blueberry muffins more because they were mini sizes perfect for them. Blueberry Muffins has always been my all time favorite in general.

We don't really eat a lot of sweets. In fact I don't encourage my kids to eat that much of it unless it's fruits. Sometimes it's good to have them once in awhile.
Thanks for reading!! Hope you guys have a lovely day!!

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