Thursday, December 20, 2012

Altering My Thrifted Knit Cardigan

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(Love that Quote!)

As you guys can see, I got this cream knit oversized cardigan at the thrift store. It looked really boring and plain with the dark brown buttons. I've been on a hunt for a nice oversized cardigan with some gold detailed buttons. I found these really nice buttons at Walmart for $1.24 a set. It was well worth it. As you guys can tell, the pockets originally did not had any buttons attached to it so I decided to attached them myself. I have a similar cardigan in that style and it also has a button attached to the pockets. That's how I got the idea. My cardigan looks so much better now!! I love it and I know I will make so much use out of it!! I love wearing this over a sweater, dress, tank top, shirt and the list goes on. I love finding things like this at the thrift store! This cardigan did not cost that much and I saved a lot of money. I will be posting my thrift store haul and thrift store shopping tips pretty soon.

Check out my Outfit of the Day wearing this Cardigan:

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