Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Was it worth it???

I couldn't sleep. Thought I should blog. I gave up a lot of things a while ago and now, I ask myself... did I made the right choice? *Sigh* I can't believe I am saying this. I didn't think I was going to ask myself that question one day. I gave it up because I had to get ready. I threw away all of my makeup, makeup brushes, nail polishes, anything I hoarded on. I felt convicted and thought I should get rid of them. I had three options
to either give them away to friends or family members, toss it away, or donate them. Now that I look back, I really regret throwing away my only expensive item that I bought from saving a few paychecks I earned!! I wish I held on to it... and just gave it a few days to think about it before I toss it away. At that time, something in me told me that I should just toss it. If I held on to it, I will never get rid of it. I felt like it was a test. It was a test to see if I was willing to let go of something so precious and dear to me for something that will last a lifetime. I didn't want the Lord to find me clinging onto the things of this world. So I did what I had to do.

Maybe this was a test, like I said, to see if I was willing to let it go for something even better. Maybe this is just to show me how valuable something truly means to me. Well... I don't know who else will understand what I have done. I explained it to someone already and that person thought I was crazy. I don't think I will ever do this again. I don't need to get rid of my things. Let my death be the only reason why I should let go of it. In the meantime, I will hold dear to them, cherish them, and take good care of them as a way of showing my gratitude towards God. Only He is my provider.

Lesson Learned.

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